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About Gravetti

The Gravetti Edge Platform is an embedded real-time Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Edge Analytics and Edge Computing Software Solution with Machine Learning (ML) at the True Edge, capable of solving and detecting issues in real-time on the Edge device with or without cloud connectivity.

Utilizing AI, the Gravetti platform solves issues at the Edge that that were previously unsolvable in the cloud (cloud data is not real-time and computations are batched)

Other key features:

  • The SW can run either OS-native or in dockers on existing and new hardware

  • The Gravetti Edge Platform capabilities are centered around real-time asset connectivity with edge analytics, anomaly detection and machine learning with deep learning neural networks

  • Gravetti can take (corrective) actions at the edge

  • Gravetti can radically reduce the time to connect assets

When you need the speed and resolution at the source of the data – the Edge, Gravetti excels! 


Gravetti can radically reduce the time to connect assets



  • Extremely complex continuous development focused on embedded ML, anomaly detection and analytics

  • Team with 100’s of man-years of embedded experienced focused on Analytics, Anomaly Detection, and Machine Learning

  • The engineering team is embedded ML focused

  • The Gravetti Team owns the Expertise, IP and SW Development Capabilities in-house  



  • Embedded ML: Runs (inference) on the actual embedded device, like the gateway and provides highly granular near real-time computing on the true edge

  • Autonomous ML, detects and reacts on the embedded device with or without cloud connectivity

  • Embedded edge runs and reacts to anomalous situations – with or without network connectivity
    Example: managed devices like Home Gateways


  • Significantly lower cloud cost - reduced storage, computing, and connectivity costs by only sending vital information to the cloud for processing  

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